A Texas Inglenook prototype – The ADM Mill facility New Braunfels

Occasionally for the small layout builder, a prototype comes along that you simply cannot forget. The ADM Mill located in New Braunfels, TX is a perfect example. A simple Inglenook switching location that could be built as a standalone, or incorporated into an existing layout as a peninsula. The site when I took the photos in 2004-5 was used mainly as a hard wheat facility. In the past, though it had been used for milling multiple grains as well as corn.

This photo shows the whole of the north side of the facility. Of note is the circular storage silo in the foreground which has 7 separate silos within it to allow storage of different types and kinds of grains depending on the season. The other photos in the set show different sides of the facility buildings mainly from the grade crossing on E Mill St, or further up the road in the case of the Southernmost photos.

Essentially the site lies East-West; the road crossing runs North-South. The main Mill lies on the Northside of the tracks and is the oldest part of the building; the newer storage silos on the south side look to be built during the 1970s. The main office building is on the East side of the mill, across San Antonio Street, on the East end of the Mill. Once you see the overview you’ll get a better lie of the land.

All in all, this is a nice simple Inglenook and can provide the operator with plenty of work in a small space, with nothing more than a TrackMobile for motive power. The staging can be cassette, plugin or hidden depending on whether you are using this stand-alone. If you love covered hoppers though, this layout will appeal.


You can view the entire album of images at the following link: –>Click Here<–


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