Happy New Year, and a belated Merry Christmas

This year

It’s the last day of 2014 and time to change the site theme to make better use of the available screen real estate. I’ve also updated the site logo, and referenced the site back to my well known and sadly still offline site “andrews-trains.fotopic.net”. This I hope will help those still looking for the old fotopic.net site.

Next year

During 2015, with a lot of time on my hands due to being laid-off, down-sized, or right-sized (choose your poison), my aim is to publish a lot more detail on my layout designs, along with suggested operating plans. In addition I expect to be able to complete my Industrial switching layout (ISL) during the year, at least to the point where I can operate the layout, even if all of the scenery and buildings are not complete.

A New Year’s wish

To those of you who read along with my writings, I hope that you had a merry Christmas, and wish you and your families’ a safe, happy and prosperous New Year in 2015.



About Andrew Martin

After a long IT and Telecommunications career in the USA and Australia, I've decided I need a break, I've changed focus and now work in the public transport sector - a complete change of pace. Hobby wise I'm focused on model railway layout building and modelling. I blog, write and publish as often as I am able.
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