Seven minutes and fifty-three seconds

Chris Mears has posted another thought provoking article, this time based on the Claremont and Concord (written about as a project layout in Model Railroader some time ago). This time on a subject close to my heart – real time switching, and how watching how the big-boys do it can give you ideas for slowing down the Nascar switching on your own layout. It’s a great video, and well worth watching in it’s own right. And it follows on from the 5-20-5 minute post. Enjoy

Prince Street

Last year I wrote about the 5-20-5 minute idea and how much I enjoyed running regular, albeit short, operating sessions on my last layout. How much can you do in twenty minutes?

The above video was shot on the Claremont-Concord at West Lebanon. The video runs just under eight minutes in length. It has been edited from its original length but is a terrific record of just how long each movement takes and the pace of working a simple yard. Why not use the video itself as a measure of what can be accomplished in that same period of time on the model?

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