Site Seeing February 02


Often I wonder how I can fit the layout I’d like to have in the space I have available.

Then there are the brave souls who decide to build an industrial switching layout in 1:29 G scale.

Losco yard

Losco yard is Hugh Flynn’s switching layout in 1:29 scale. I found this today while looking for something else entirely. But I like the design and the bulk of the models so much I thought it deserved to be brought to a wider audience.

Link number 1 is an older link from 2008 but shows a lot of photos and a track plan, along with some thoughts from the RMWeb community as to what could be done to make the operational value better.

Link number 2 is a newer version of the layout and some other work in progress. According to the owner, the layout has since been sold on.

Link number 3 below is a link to a video taken by a punter at one of the UK shows of said layout. Only 480P but it gives you an idea of the size of the models when you take a look at the video and realise that there are massive models. Note that the audio track is quite loud, so turning down your sound at work might be advisable.

The video runs from the start through to the 2:20 mark. Nice one Hugh.


There are some other nice photos on the modelrailroadforums page here: – look at the 5 photos starting just below the top of the post.

There is also a whole heap of track plans by Hugh here if you are interested.


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