Sadler’s Sidings – 01 – An N scale table top shunting layout that uses T-TRAK/Unitrack technology.

I’ve been catching up on email from the last few days (the weekend weather was too nice and allowing myself some “offline down time” was simply too enticing). One thing that did pop up today was a Post from T-Trak Andrew about his T-Trak (module style) table top layout based on an Australian company ‘Sadliers Logistics’. Interestingly Sadliers provides Freight Car Load (FCL) and Less than Car Load (LCL) service across Australia using their own fleet of wagons. (Do I hear anyone saying ‘everything old is new again’?
The layout is a deceptively simple layout, but has multiple switching locations on it to keep one or two operators busy for an easy 1/2 hours work each night, assuming you are not replacing all wagons. if you wanted a longer operating session then you’d replace all wagons on the layout and have to switch in everything from staging.
Here’s the statement that nails about his approach:
“The overall scenery style is to be generic Australian. While I intend to operate Australian prototype rolling stock most of the time there will be sessions when I will break out my British, European and Japanese items and go IRWIL mode. (IRWIL – I Run What I Like).”
Take a look at his site. I think you’ll enjoy it; I did.

T-TRAK Andrew's Blog - Adventures in N scale Model Railways

G’day Folks, Back into it at last.

Sadler’s Sidings is my current really active project. It is a table top modular shunting layout that uses T-TRAK/Unitrack technology to join 3 by 300mm long modules plus a 100mm long ‘end of the line module’ and two clip on bufferstops.

Sadler's Sidings for NGForum

Sadlers Sidings 2015 02 10 Long view

The basic concept is focused around a freight forwarding company  called ‘Sadler’s Freight Forwarding’. I chose the name Sadler’s for two main reasons.  Firstly there is the prototype Sadleir’s Logistics who make use of regular rail service with their sidings in Melbourne, Perth & Sydney. See:  Secondly, my grandmother on my mother’s side was a Sadler who migrated out to Australia from England early last century. By using that spelling I can capture the flavour and concept of the prototype operation  without issues of trying to be `accurate’. The layout is to represent a Sadler’s rail depot in the…

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After a long IT and Telecommunications career in the USA and Australia, I've decided I need a break, I've changed focus and now work in the public transport sector - a complete change of pace. Hobby wise I'm focused on model railway layout building and modelling. I blog, write and publish as often as I am able.
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