Site seeing – 20 February

If you’ve taken a look at the layout design gallery over on the original site, you’ll note that I really like small layouts.

Today’s site seeing picks up on that theme with a small layout build over on the RMWeb site.

Site 1: Tilley S Yard

The layout design for the Tilley S Yard (an Inglenook using a double lift traverser) and set in the mid 1950s in the ATSF Zebra stripe era. What I think will be really interesting is the scenic treatment on this layout.

Set in Chicago in the winter, there’ll be snow about and on the ground. I must say I am looking forward to how this layout grows over time and how the scenery, affected by the weather in Chicago comes out. The link to the first post is below in the resources section.


RMWeb: Tilley S Yard, an Inglenook set in Chicago in the winter of 1956-1957 (Offsite Link)