Site seeing – 22 February

The Internet has changed the way we model. No longer do we have the tyranny of distance – where what we model is simply too far away. Over the last few years a modellers ability (in my case from Ballarat Australia) to model US prototype no longer relies on the US model magazines to show me the areas I can model. And this does not apply only to the US. If you want to model Romanian railways, French, Lithuanian, Scottish, Welsh, South African or Chinese railways the resources are out there for you.

Modelling magazines have changed what they present too. There are the old school magazines, like Model Railroader, and the new magazines like Model Railroad Hobbyist, S Scale Resource and O Scale resource among others.

Site 1: The O Scale Resource

Another of the new style magazines, with no upfront costs and advertiser supported. The new March – April edition of the magazine was just released.

  • There’s a review of the O Scale West (USA) show
  • A feature on Battery power, and
  • Making retaining walls from castings

Check the website for more and note that you can also download previous issues for free.


The O Scale Resource Magazine (Offsite Link)


Coffee and copperclad

Chris Mears is building a new layout at the moment in N Scale and has chosen to hand-build the switches and track work.
In this post from the Prince Street blog he share some valuable lessons learned while building a major switch on the layout (which looks smashing by the way). Lessons like taking your time, protecting your creation until it is ready to be installed on the layout, and the value of learning from your own experience while teaching others.
I hope that you enjoy his post.

Prince Street

When I got out of bed today I thought I would make some coffee and then head west to join up with some model railroaders from Moncton who were visiting on the Island today to operate on some local layouts. While savouring the first mouthfuls of hot espresso I figured I’d switch on the computer and double-check today’s schedule. Then I realised I’ve made a terrible mistake: the Moncton guys weren’t going to be here today. They’ll be here tomorrow. It’s been a long time since the last time I was that grateful for re-reading an email. Feeling a little embarrassed, I poured another coffee for myself and looked around for something quiet to pick at so as to not disturb the tranquility of an early Saturday morning. It didn’t take long to warm up the soldering iron and with that in hand, I added the missing rails to my…

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