Sadler’s Sidings – An update.

Earlier in the month I had talked about Sadler’s sidings – T-Trak Andrew’s adventure into the world of operating layouts – his current work in N scale using something very close to T-Trak standards.

He has posted an update to that original post, about building the layout boards which I found to be very interesting considering how small these things are.
Andrew’s use of materials and his notes make for interesting reading. And he’s going to post a full description to his blog shortly. For right now though head on over to the N Gauge Forum – go to page 2 – and read all about it.

T-TRAK Andrew's Blog - Adventures in N scale Model Railways

I have extended my description of the construction of the modules for Sadler’s Sidings at the N Gauge Forum on page 2 of the following thread:
will update this blog in a more orderly manner in a week or two.

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