Decisions made, planning has begun

In the last post about my own layout, I said I’d cast aside regrets and was moving on to do some drawing in AnyRail to make sure that everything fit. The reality was somewhat different, and since it would have taken some time to do the layout in AnyRail anyway, I did a ‘Chris Gilbert’ and started layout planning with gusto.

The basic design is an L shaped layout that is 12 x 2 feet (visible in the photo below) on the one side and 8 x 1.5 feet on the other. I am in the process of manufacturing a new set of higher legs for the boards from a former layout so they do not appear in the picture as yet.

Here’s a photo of the layout in its ‘take 1’ guise. I’m still playing around with siding lengths at this time, just to check and make sure that I can do what I’d like to do in the space available.

New Layout Design - Take 1

I’m interested in what you might think. Post a comment and let’s talk about it when you have a moment. More later this week.