Allowing time

In early February Chris Mears (on the Prince Street blog) posted a great article on the difference between real railroaders, and most model railroaders.

I won’t say much more about this – first read the post, and then come on back to this blog and read about some of my wants in the design of the new layout.

Prince Street

I recently wrote about building more time into a typical operating session and filling that newly-minted time with time to enjoy watching the trains I was running and also time to incorporate more aspects of a typical day of work on my little stretch of railway so that what I was watching looked like real railroading. After posting that, a reader sent me an email offline relating his experiences at the throttle on an actual shortline. He introduced things I never knew or thought about and his contribution was just so wonderful I couldn’t imagine not sharing it. Given his relationship with the railroad I wanted to find a way to share his message while not compromising his position. I have edited his message with that in mind.

I like your comments about allowing sufficient time for each function. Watching other modellers running trains can be pretty comical at times…

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After a long IT and Telecommunications career in the USA and Australia, I've decided I need a break, I've changed focus and now work in the public transport sector - a complete change of pace. Hobby wise I'm focused on model railway layout building and modelling. I blog, write and publish as often as I am able.
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