Site seeing – March 9


All of last week I was sicker than could be with the current Ballarat flu bug. I am almost over it just in time to see the cooler Autumn weather really kick in. As a result of the dreaded lurgy I did not feel in the mood to model or post or do anything beyond making a buck. The next few posts are a catch up from the last week and should bring me back up to speed.

Site 1: Trevor Marshall’s ‘The Peterboro Project

With the current layout build under way, I’ve looked about for inspiration for the scenic treatment. In both the model and the prototypical sense I’ve found inspiration for the look as well as the overall design. Today’s site is a source of my inspiration. I hope that you enjoy looking it over as much as I have.

Trevor’s S Scale Port Rowan layout has been featured here before. Before this S Scale masterpiece there was an HO Scale masterpiece – The Peterboro Project. In 2006 he and a friend, intrigued by the Free-mo modular standard, decided to build a module.

Not just any module though, this was a complete layout module set, that could then be joined to other modules with like-minded Freemo modellers. While the layout itself is fantastic, the experiment did not work out for Trevor and his friend. The layout .

However, the pictures of the layout still exist, and are very worthwhile to review.



2 thoughts on “Site seeing – March 9”

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Andrew – about this and my current, S scale layout.
    Peterboro was a lot of fun and it demonstrated to Pierre Oliver and myself just how powerful the Free-mo modular standard is. My previous experiences with modules had always been unsatisfying, in large part because most standards impose strict size and shape constraints on the modules that lead to benchwork-driven design. In this case, the design was wide open and the benchwork could be built to suit it.
    You’re right – the experiment did not work for us but I should clarify that the layout itself was not at fault. Rather, as other circumstances changed in our lives Pierre and I found it more difficult to get together to work on the module or to exhibit it. We live 2.5 hours down the highway from each other and while I had space to store the module, Pierre had the vehicle to transport it. Not ideal.
    The most important result of this module-building experience, however, is that Pierre and I realized just how much fun we have in each other’s company, and just how alike we are in terms of our approach to the hobby. We like to Get Things Done.
    Before Peterboro, we knew of each other and saw each other occasionally. After Peterboro, we became real friends.
    Again – thanks for the kind words. It’s nice to know our work has been helpful to others.
    – Trevor

    Trevor Marshall
    Port Rowan in 1:64
    An S scale study of a Canadian National Railways branchline – in its twilight years


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