Site seeing March 18

So much for catching up! I had promised to catch up on my posts after a long week of the flu; Sun Tzu was right – no plan survives first contact with an adversary (or a past time).

Site 1: BobbyPitts44 build of a flexiflow car

Over on the FreeRails forum (Link Here) there’s a brief discussion on the work done to take what is essentially a 1960s era toy freight car and turn it into a scratchbuilding masterpiece.

While the forum does not have a lot of information on the build, luckily his Flickr site does. Everything is back – to – front, but there is some really amazing work there to be viewed.

View the Flickr site (Link here)

It’s great work and well worth a view.


Exhibition Report – Labour Day Weekend March 7-9

In Victoria there are two exhibitions (that I am aware of) on the Labour Day Long Weekend (March 7-9). First is the very large exhibition at Sandown Racecourse; the second is the great little exhibition at Kyneton.

On Saturday March 7 the kids and I decided to head off to Kyneton only, as there was also a trade fair on showcasing all of the Ye Olde trades that my son loves.

Having finally gotten the video uploaded today on youtube, I hope you enjoy the overview of the show.

This is one of the best little shows around in regional Victoria. It is easily doable by public transport, with a nice walk into town from the railway station.  The food in town is really good, with a lot of great eateries.

If you are driving it is easy to get to, taking us only about an hour from Ballarat; roughly the same time from Melbourne. Quicker from Bendigo.