Site seeing March 23

Among the best forums to be on for new US small layout modelling is the USA and Canadian forum over on RMWeb (Link Here). There’s always someone building a layout for a show, or home and the ideas simply keep on coming.

Site 1: 59th and Rust (Link here)

Today’s site seeing adventure belongs to one that I’ve followed for some time by Ray (Long Island Jack) – 59th and Rust. What I really enjoy is his sense of urban rust and decay. Too green for me, as I’d like to see a lot more brown grass and stubs, but never the less, what a great work of art.

Enjoy the videos that show the basics of a switching session, again about the 20 minute mark, and enjoy those Alco sounds. Now if only we had some Alco diesel smoke…

In this first video a PC RS-11 is switching Goldberger Doll

In this video the PC RS-11 is switching Tino Tools

All the best for the evening from a cooling (it was warm 5 minutes ago) and windy Ballarat.