Site seeing March 24

I’ve followed Richard’s layout efforts for a while now on YouTube as he has built and modified Everard Junction. He’s not modelled a location, or an era, or a specific set of locomotives and wagons, he’s managed to capture the complete railway experience. And while Everard Junction is not a real location, it sure feels like one.

Site 1: Everard Junction – BR 1988 – 1990 (Link Here)

Richard started building the layout in late 2009 and has worked on it ever since. His aim was to create something reliable as his earlier layout had very poor track work and caused issues every time he used it. Everard Junction was to be bigger, reliable and above all he wanted it to be fun to operate.


  • Era – British Rail sectorisation in the late 1980s.
  • Location – Somewhere not far from the great western mainline with connections to Reading, Didcot, Bristol, Bath and Birmingham
  • Stock – Diesel locomotives and DMUs of the period

He most recently published a great British Rail styled 1980’s PR video which you can watch here:

There are a range of very useful and thoughtful videos available on Richard’s YouTube channel (see the link to that below). Well worth a watch as he builds the layout and makes Everard Junction a real slice of railway operations.