More that I thought was lost forever

One of the main reasons I got into smaller more focused layouts was Blair Koostra. If you don’t know who Blair is, then you are in for a treat. Chris Mears found his new blog (about a Texas lad, modelling outback NSW Australia) as opposed to a NSW Lad, modelling Central Texas!

Follow through Chris’ blog post and visit Blair. Tell him I said hi!

Prince Street

I remain a very big fan of Blair Kooistra’s website, built to chronicle his work on researching and modeling the Walla Walla Valley Railway. It was among the first sites that I discovered that really focused in on produce traffic on a railway. The more I read his website the more I saw things that felt so familiar. I’ve maintained a link out to his from my website hoping someday it would return ( Quite by accident I stumbled across this:

I’ve only just discovered the new blog. The particular link I’ve included above discusses his previous work. I’m looking forward to stepping back from these archives and to seeing what he’s up to now. I still miss his old stuff but I have a feeling he’ll extend that same interest to Australian HO.

(He published some really truly outstanding research on car demand, traffic patterns, and loadings…

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After a long IT and Telecommunications career in the USA and Australia, I've decided I need a break, I've changed focus and now work in the public transport sector - a complete change of pace. Hobby wise I'm focused on model railway layout building and modelling. I blog, write and publish as often as I am able.
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