Site seeing – June 2

Small layouts ‘can’ present a problem should the builder underestimate the impact of the types of industries chosen for the layout. For example, a grain elevator may have 20 car spots to be either loaded or unloaded. It sounds like a lot of work to get that grain elevator switched out. However, unless there’s specific switching movements required this job could well be long (as you wait for the first car to be loaded or unloaded, then move forward, and repeat the process over again) and could turn out to be very boring.

NOTE: There is an example of one such elevator in Melbourne, Victoria that I’ll share that proves the exception to the rule.

On the other hand, a single siding with say six spots, each having a specific commodity billed to the spot, can need more brain power and work to complete in a session. This  may provide the answer those who are looking to add more play value in the game that we call Model Railway Operations.

Site 1: Spot order and small layouts [+ Link Here]

Recently on the Port Rowan blog, Chris Mears talked about this same issue. In this post he describes what simply the concept I mentioned above and gives some great references for you to take away and think about for those industries on your own layout.

I hope that you enjoy the read. If you do leave a comment for Chris. He loves them and answers every one.


About Andrew Martin

After a long IT and Telecommunications career in the USA and Australia, I've decided I need a break, I've changed focus and now work in the public transport sector - a complete change of pace. Hobby wise I'm focused on model railway layout building and modelling. I blog, write and publish as often as I am able.
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2 Responses to Site seeing – June 2

  1. David says:

    Another great post Andrew! Chris Mears has great articles on his web site. It is so nice to find lots of talented modelers who find small layouts appealing. I still want to try a medium size layout if I ever get the room, but I am seeing the possibilities of the small layout that I can build NOW. Please keep up the good work!

  2. David;
    Thanks for the really positive comment on small layouts. They are, and always have been passion of mine. Apart from HO scale, I also model in O scale, and am looking into ideas for a small layout in O scale. Chris’ post was quite timely and a reminder that all we really see of a layout is a slice, in space and time, of any one scene of a railway. Often we forget this in trying to create the world, rather than the window through which we see that world.

    Thanks again and thanks for your comment.

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