Site seeing – June 3

I’ve made mention and blogged about weathering on the HVL before. I consider good weathering to be the epitome of model railroad painting and finishing. Without some weathering freight cars and passenger cars simply do not look lived in, run and used. Thus on to today’s site…

Site 1: Model Railroad Hobbyist Forum – Weathered Covered Hoppers for the L&IN [+ Link]

Do I need to say any more?

Make sure your Tetanus shot is up to date, put on your overalls and get stuck into this thread. Amazing stuff and Tom Johnson’s tutorial is outstanding.

You can skip straight to the tutorial by clicking the link here: [+ Link]. My advice thought is not to. This thread is like a great steak, or a nice chocolate cake, it should be enjoyed, and not devoured.

All the best and read the entire thread, this is really a master class in weathering in Oils.

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