Site seeing – June 25

DCC (Digital Command Control) has changed the way we interact with the our model railroads. We no longer drive the track, or the single locomotive on it, now we drive our train. Just like the real thing we can now have corn field meets, SPADs (signals passed at danger) and other issues that DC powered layouts never had to deal with.

In the next 10 years the way we look at DCC will change too, indeed it already has. We now have DCC and sound, we have the beginnings of DCC sound and vision to go along with it. Soon though we’ll be offered the immersive nature of these working together, to totally immerse the driver or engineer, in the model railroad experience. Think of the difference that this will make for those operating in the garden, or for those on smaller layouts. That is what today’s site seeing will give you a glimpse of.

Site 1 – Bruce Kingsley – Ultimate DCC Throttle

Bruce’s project is audacious. I admire his scope, and the work he has put into the project. It is not for me, although if I could buy one commercially I would certainly consider this in the future.

The beginning of the video through to 3:20 minute mark is a little dry; from that point on however it is very enlightening and entertaining.

He has a lot of videos about the UDCC throttle. If interested in the technology behind it all you should take a look through the rest of his videos. He provides a lot of notes on the parts used to get his set up running. I’ve not visited his website; there is sure to be more there for you to learn.