Site seeing – June 26

In light of yesterday’s ‘Ultimate DCC Throttle’ project by Bruce Kingsley, I thought that I’d show you a simpler, and more easily achieved project from some time ago by nwbatman2222. The information on the project is unfortunately light; making the changes should not be too hard, but would need soldering skills to change your hand-held controller of choice.

Site 1: Switching with a Control Stand throttle

It is a shame that there is not more information available from the maker. However, looking through the notes in the video there are some hints about what is needed to make this a reality.

If you do come up with a means to reproduce this would you share it with me? I’d like to make one of these with my handheld (I’m using MRC’s Prodigy Advanced 2) but I don’t want to completely ruin a handheld at the moment. If I could get a second-hand one or a complete system on the cheap then I might be more willing to have a go.

Site 2: Tsunami Non-Turbo EMD 645

Video two shows everyday use of the throttle, again clamped to the camera to allow you to see the action. Once you got used to handling the loco like this driving would be a more enjoyable proposition.

If you have any information on the layout owner or on the handhelds please drop me a line using the comment fields on this page or using the Contact Form for this site.

I hope that you have enjoyed the videos, and the idea of the different throttles. All the best for a great day ahead.