If it’s August, it might be Robot month (August 8)

Work has kept me busy the last few weeks, and I’ve only posted a few times over the last couple of weeks due to that busyness. However, today I took the time and modelled some long overdue projects (I’m hoping to get them completed for the April 2016 MoB show – I was aiming to get them ready for April 2015 but there you go) .

On the table today was:

  • The Warhammer 40K Dark Vengeance starter set (My son got into Warhammer a couple of years ago and so for his 9th birthday I got him the starter set. Building stalled due to the complexity in the set models and issues with Games Workshop’s glue. So I’ve begun to help out by building the rest of the set up for him and fixing the build issues with some of the larger items in the set.
  • Robby the Robot (from the movie Forbidden Planet) which is a reissue of the old Polar Lights kit. It certainly shows its age, but I have always wanted a model of this iconic robot and so I now do, and finally
  • A very old Nitto kit of a powered suit PKA SF3D original. I’ve been working on this kit the longest and somewhere along the line lost the instructions (if there ever where any). So I got the building bug and figured the kit out. There are lots of moving parts and the kit is position-able. I wish I’d bought more of these kits when the chance was there.

August is Robot Month

Image 1: Robby, one of the Warhammer 40K pieces by Robby’s leg, and the Nitto kit left

The Warhammer stuff seems to scale out around 1/64th scale; The Nitto kit is 1/20th and Robby is 1/6th scale. The Nitto kit is getting a complex and time expensive camo paint job.

Well the sun was out, the skies clear, and temperatures actually got into double digits for the first time this month. All up a good and productive (if not a railway) modelling day. All the best.