Site Seeing – December 28

Small layouts are my true love. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t love to have a huge O scale layout filling the basement of a huge house. Realistically however, the small layout is the most likely layout that I can build and operate within the scope of income and time available. And as many others have pointed out over the years it is also a canvas within which you can detail to your heart’s content.

Site 1: Bart van Doorn’s 33rd St Layout

This beautiful O scale layout shows what can be achieved in a relatively small area in what I consider the premier scale. Pop on over to Bart’s channel and take a look around at his videos of the layout.

Site 2: Bart van Doorn’s Flickr site

Bart’s layout has come a long way since the video above. Take a look at the Flickr set and see his outstanding modelling.

Site 3: Shortliner Jack’s version of 33rd Street in HO Scale

Shortliner Jack is one of my heroes when it comes to building a layout. He is a serial small layout builder designing some notable layouts among them Box St Yard.

Recently I found a 2013 set of posts about his HO scale version of 33rd Street that makes some interesting reading. Even though the layout did not get finished it does show what you can manage in a relatively small space.


3 thoughts on “Site Seeing – December 28”

  1. I find small layouts therapeutic to build… I tend to average about 2 per year right now… Mostly I focus on HO standard gauge and On30… 2016 may see N gauge and HOn30…


    1. John;
      I completely agree with you. I do not have that output level unfortunately. This year though I do hope to have at least 2 x HO layouts completed to operating standard at least. Thanks for commenting. Have a Happy New Year!


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