Site update – January 1 – Happy New Year edition

I’ve added a new Modelling section – My 12 Foot Layout.

This will provide a Work-in-Progress report of what’s happening in the layout build process. For now there’s a front page. It provides my overall thoughts and a photo showing the proposed design (already laid out in track).

As I stated on the page there’ll be more coming in the future including:

  • Track laying,
  • Building construction,
  • Detailing,
  • Operations design, and
  • A session report or two

Looking forward to getting this underway this month.


2 thoughts on “Site update – January 1 – Happy New Year edition”

  1. Hi

    Nice design, one suggestion, consider making your interchange one track. Out bounds are spotted by locomotive at end of session. Then next session, they are removed by hand and the new inbounds are waiting also placed by hand. This will save a lot of space.

    Looking great. Really enjoyed the Berstrom post!


    1. It’s funny, but that is exactly what I’ve done in regard to the interchange track. I’ve dropped it to a single track. It saved an awful lot of space, and simplified the track layout too.

      There’ll be another post later this week as I’ve had time to work on the layout again this weekend (a long weekend). Glad you enjoyed the Bergstrom Lead post. It was the first real interaction I had with the US railroads when we got to the USA.


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