Site update – January 25

Hi, my name is Andrew and I hoard model railroad stuff.

Recently while designing my new layout I worried over the shortage of turnouts on hand. I was about to beg the master of the house to allow me to get a couple more switches to get me to the end of the design. While rifling around looking for something else, what should I come across? More turnouts. These have popped up in the final layout design. In the future I aim to build my own switches and improve the look of the layout with better track work. For now though I’ll continue to use Peco code 83 turnouts and a mixture of Peco and Atlas code 83 flex track. Some of it salvaged from my earlier layout.

The layout design page is done, at least as done as I can manage for the moment. I’m sure there’ll be a tweak here and there as I get to laying out the track and the scenery. The Mk 72 design (not really but it sure felt that way) can be seen on the the layout design page along with the rationale for the design. Let me know your thoughts on the design. They always make me think about the design and inevitably make it better.


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