Site seeing – March 10 – the Llanastr, B&MR edition

Small layouts really tick the box for me when it comes to model railroading and I’m assuming they tick your box also since you all keep coming back. Recently this English layout was discussed on the Prince Street blog. On to today’s sites.

Site 1: Llanastr, B&MR web site

The idea for the layout was born in the early eighties when the builder moved from All PostsWales and found himself in an apartment too small to accommodate the layout he’d been building based on the Brecon and Merthyr station at Rhymney.

Llanastr - thanks to the ScaleFour Society's website
Image 1: The entire layout in all it’s finished glory

To keep his skills up and to run his stock he decided a compact layout should be built that allowed a fast setup and takedown time. Llanastr was the result. The home site has a full history of the layout and the build details.

Site 2: The ScaleFour Society’s website – pictorial

The image shown above provides a comprehensive overview of the layout. But there’s still more (unfortunately no steak knives). Head on over to the ScaleFour’s site and take a look at the other images of the layout, they are worth the effort after the jump.

Site 3: Llanastr on YouTube

Although short this video provides a full overview of the layout and shows in detail the sheet background (I’ve not seen one better) and the track plan. If you look closely in the left-hand end of the layout you’ll see the operator using the pivot table to move a loco onto another road.

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