Site Seeing – April 3 – Small O scale layouts 2

In this continuing series during April I want to visit one of my favourite exhibition switching layouts: Ingleton Sidings.

Site 1: Ingleton Sidings

nevard_110330_ingleton-sdgs_DSC_1821_02_web1-400x267[1]Paul Allen’s masterpiece Inglenook, built in OO scale,  shows what can be scaled up very simply to British O scale (1:43) with the use of commercially available kits, RTR trucks and loco’s available now or in the very near future. The entire aim is to keep cars and loco’s short to keep the visible part of the layout within the 8′ (2400mm) maximum. Giving enough run and movement without taking up the entire house.

Ingleton Sidings, designed to sit on a standard home window sill or ironing board, illustrates what can be achieved in a minimum with RTR products and basic scratchbuilding techniques. The location as modelled is fictional and represents a small BR sorting siding during the late 1950s through to the early 1960s. The layout features point motors, 16v lighting, line side CCTV and Kadee automatic coupling. With the layout detailed and weathered to represent the last days of steam.

If you are thinking of going British O at minimum cost and personal commitment then Ingleton Sidings might be the place where you start.

Now see it in action:

First up an overview of the layout and features:

Next, from February 2014 – the initial running of DCC and Sound on the layout at the Milton Keynes model railway exhibition:

3 thoughts on “Site Seeing – April 3 – Small O scale layouts 2”

  1. The first time I saw Ingleton sidings featured in Model Rail it was an inspiration….
    I have built approximately 7 layouts since then… Every one can fit on an ironing board!
    Two have been Timesaver pattern and the remainder have been Inglenook patterned…
    Two have been On30 and the balance have been HO standard gauge….


  2. John – thanks for commenting firstly. It is amazing how at first the Inglenook seems so toylike. And then you start to find a few here, a few there in the real world and one day you note that there are an awful lot of them, both passenger and freight. And they make great models and allow great operating potential way beyond their size also.


    1. I remember reading in Model Railroader how “toylike” john Allen’s time-saver was… As I was on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and noted one right below me in an industrial park… And I have seen many “Prototype copies” since… The same holds true for the Inglenook… Including one that has been built full size on a school campus to teach the students….


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