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October 31 – A very big thank you to all

It’s been a long road, with many changes since the original Andrew’s Trains site hosted by FotoPic went under. With files lost, and images gone, and an audience to rebuild it seemed a big hill to climb. After some time I’d … Continue reading

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Site seeing: 23 October – The weathering I’m not worthy edition

Back in August I showcased the work of Martin Wellberg, from Borne in the Netherlands. He’s back after working on another set of large models. On to the visual feast. Site 1: Martin Wellberg’s ‘Dirty Stuff 2’ on Freerails I’m … Continue reading

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Site seeing – October 19 – Small, smart and visual layouts

One of my favourite past times is to travel to shops of dubious regard and seek out old model railway magazines. Most recently I’ve been seen haunting the bookshelf at the Ballarat Tramway Museum and going through the old model rail magazines. … Continue reading

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Site Update – October 12

I’ve created a new section for Track Plan Ideas. This section is where I’ll be posting well thought out designs that I can’t be fussed putting into the various railway CAD programs. Each is at the concept stage and I’ll provide … Continue reading

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Site Seeing – October 10 – Hornby’s new Peckett W4 Saddle Tank

First off I’ve got to give a shout out to Oly Turner and Chris Matthews’ blog for highlighting this model; one of their recent posts bought this little gem to light. Many of you may have guessed that I focus more on the … Continue reading

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