Site seeing – November 7th – The rusty presentation edition

If you’ve not run across the work of Tim Warris before then let me introduce you to his excellent work. Tim is the person behind the Fast Tracks range of track jigs. You can read more about Tim’s day job here. Let’s take a look at his excellent layout and the work on the display aspect of the layout.

Site 1: Duplicating the CNJ Bronx Terminal in HO scale

Tim’s layout is a masterwork of track, operation and layout design in a small space. The layout shows what can be achieved with the right prototype and the ability to see a project through to completion.

It has not been without its challenges however. Among them the trackwork for this great little location.

All of the layout switches were handmade by Tim for the layout. And they work a treat too. Head over to his YouTube channel and look at the posts in uploaded videos section that begin at 6 years ago. There is a lot of information there on the layout, build and other processes.

Site 2: Rusty Layout Edging – links below

The picture below is from a post on the Free Rails forum from 2008 showing the thought put into the design and execution of Tim’s layout (above). He put a lot of thought into how the layout should look, and the way it should be perceived. What water scene does not have rusted metal after all?

You can view the original posts on the Free Rails forum. To see the effect being created Tim shows the process of creating the fascia design in the video below.

Take note of what he did there; the effect is simple, eye-catching and convincing. The drill that he is using is a Forstner bit. Not cheap but well worth the value and something which you’ll use in the future I’ve no doubt.