It’s Choice Joyce!

It’s not often that you get great service. Most often you get frustration, not satisfaction. Rarely if ever do you get to be pleased, surprised and delighted. This week I can report however, that after much frustration and a lot of emails I was very pleasantly surprised when not only did a vendor fix my problem they knocked me over with their offer to make it right.

Before I provide the details I want to make it plain that I receive no support, endorsements or other business related freebies from this vendor. This was a case of simple customer service, done very well, and thoughtfully resolved for a customer who was having trouble with some video downloads.

I’ve mentioned Model railroad Hobbyist here in the past. As a free (as in beer) online monthly model railroad magazine they set the bar for what an online e-zine in our hobby should be. They provide great content and have outstanding columnists and content each and every month.

The other side to that enterprise is the commercial video store. You can buy videos for download on several subjects. In the past I’ve mentioned Mike Confalone’s Allagash Central and the excellent modelling involved in the layout. I like his modelling ethos and style so much I’ve bought several of his videos. The most recent his weathering videos on locomotives and freight cars. It was during the download process from the Model Railroad Hobbyist store that I noticed I had some problems with the files.

Joe Fugate the proprietor could have said “righto here are some replacement files” and left it at that. I’d have been happy with the service and moved on. What prompts me to post is what happened next. I got another email from Joe telling me that no one has ever had this many problems with downloads. He supplies me with new links to the source files in the Amazon cloud and offered a 6 month membership to their flagship Train Masters TV offering.

This came completely out of the blue; like a bolt of lightning. I was literally thunderstruck. Not stupefied however. I took Joe up on his offer and yesterday got my free six month membership started. I’m not trying to get you to join. I don’t want you to give over your hard-earned to Joe and the team on my say so. I do want you to know about the excellent customer service I’ve experienced and think when next you go to purchase hobby related items about the customer service you get.

Will I continue to give my money to MRH and their video store? You bet. The story above is the reason I’ll continue to do so. It’s old-fashioned customer service. Making right what’s gone wrong and then adding a bit more for your trouble. Thanks Joe and the team at MRH for your support in getting the problem resolved and for the sweetener too.