Site Seeing – the Model RR to Go edition

Good day readers wherever you may be, and whatever you may be doing. It has been a while since my last post. That’s mainly down to my work schedule being all-consuming, and the days being long and the start times being all over the clock face. Nine months into my new role as a tram driver I’ve just managed a couple of weeks off and needed every moment to recover.

While recovering and looking around for some layout baseboard design ideas today I stumbled across Rick De Candido’s Fillmore Avenue Roundhouse blog.

His section of layout concepts (click this link to open a new window) has several great ideas. He really thinks outside the box on many of his designs. There is such creativity from this space starved modeller.

POST UPDATE – August 8, 2019
It appears that Rick’s WP site has been removed. I’m trying to contact him through multiple sites to see if there is a new site for this layout. I’ll do my best to keep this post updated.

His terminal layout is something to see too, and can utilise up to 6 operators on the layout during each 2.5 hour operating session. Well worth the time to visit the site and take a long read through the many useful posts there. Thanks to Rick for sharing his passion.

Rick’s Fillmore Avenue Roundhouse layout

Unfortunately I have no contact details for Rick, and there is nothing on the site where I can post a comment to let him know that I’ve profiled his site. If any of you can help with getting me in touch with Rick would you please reply to this post?

About Andrew Martin

I work in the public transport sector as a tram driver in Melbourne Australia. I'm focused on helping people design and build small model railway layouts.
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3 Responses to Site Seeing – the Model RR to Go edition

  1. Charles Malinowski says:

    Thank you for this posting.
    The MRR2GO layout just might be what I’m looking for in my next S scale portable layout.

  2. Charles Malinowski says:

    Update. I have “ordered” my new track from Fox Valley Models for my 1:64 version of the MR2Go!
    I wish Rick had contact information so I could personally thank him for the post.

  3. Charles Malinowski says:

    Thanks again for your posting of Rick De Candido’s MR2GO portable layout.
    My S Scale version debuted this past weekend at the National Association of S Gaugers Annual Convention in Cincinnati Ohio.
    I’m extremely happy with this layout. It’s design has met and/or exceeded every issue I had in a new portable layout.

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