Site seeing – Saturday morning video watching edition

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to post. A range of reasons you’re all familiar with – work, tiredness, time pressure and the needs for others among them. And then that this is at the moment a hobby and not my primary income source (sigh).

While taking a little time out for myself in the early morning (before the sun came up on a very chilly day in Ballarat) I rediscovered the video produced by the folks over at Model Railroader on model railroad operations. Hosted by the late (and greatly lamented Andy Sperandeo) this video is a great introduction to operations, without all the paperwork, and other stuff that can hamper your entry into the realm.

I hope you enjoy, and it is great to share with you Andy’s wit and personality. I miss being able to chat with him as I did every now and then online about operations and the finer points he knew from a lifetime of modelling. Have a great weekend.


6 thoughts on “Site seeing – Saturday morning video watching edition”

    1. Brian – I find operations in a small space/on a small layout – being the most satisfying area of the hobby for me right now. Being able to come in from work, switch for 20 out to perhaps 40 minutes and unwind from my day job with all of its safety implications on the rails means a lot. Thanks for taking part and glad you enjoyed the post.


  1. Andrew: Thanks for this posting. I hadn’t seen Andy’s video before and really enjoyed the simplicity and downright joy of operation. On June 10th Lance Mindheim had a similar blog entry about “Working the Freight house.” Both Andy’s video and Lance’s posting prove that “mini-op sessions” can be very satisfying.


    1. Charles – I really miss Andy S. A true model railroader and gentleman of the hobby. I always enjoyed talking/emailing with him over the years. Would you care to post a link to Lance’s post? Be a good addition to the resources online.


    1. Charles – thanks for posting this. I just wish that Lance had posted a more in-depth version for those not yet convinced about operating their layout.


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