Site Seeing – the Switching small customers edition

There was an interesting video posted by Danny Harmon (who goes by the handle of Distant Signal on YouTube).

He focuses on the increasingly rare small switching customer. Once upon a time it was the core of railroading. And while it is harder to find, in some places it can still be found as Danny presents in this video.

Enjoy the video! And if you like Danny’s videos as much as I love his voice then like the video and subscribe to his channel. I have no affiliation with Danny other than as a happy viewer of his content.


2 thoughts on “Site Seeing – the Switching small customers edition”

  1. This was a terrific video. Thank you for pointing it out. Interesting subject matter but the presentation is the real star here with very clean narration and real storytelling.



    1. Chris;
      I’m glad you liked the video. Danny is a great railfan resource and his videos always have something valuable to modellers. Glad you took the time to view it. And for replying. Much appreciated. Now back to driving trams *trolleys for yo0u lot in the great up-over) from me in the great down-under.

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