2019 Book Sale

Books and Railroad Paper for sale 2019

Items have been arranged into four sections:

  1. Rare/Out of Print books
  2. Railroad/Railway Modelling (including operations, track planning, etc.)
  3. Railroad Paper (WTT, ETT, Rule and other books)
  4. Modelling General (mainly military)


  • The preferred payment option is PayPal. You must have a valid email address to use PayPal. I’ll consider pick up with payment by cash on a case by case basis. See the Q and A section in the original blog post for more.
  • All transactions will be invoiced via PayPal. The invoice will include the item cost, the cost of Australia Post’s shipping box/padded bag/etc. and your choice of insurance. I will confirm postage/shipping costs once you have confirmed the book or books you are buying.
  • Purchases will not be sent until the invoice has been paid in full and received into my PayPal account.

Postage / Shipping

  • All purchases will be cardboard reinforced, and bubble wrapped before posting
  • Postage costs will vary depending  on weight/displacement (cubic volume), and destination


  • I urge you to pay for postal insurance on all books purchased. I can guarantee the condition of the books when they leave my house. All bets are off once they get into the hands of Australia Post, their international shipping partners, Australian Customs and Border security and yours version of the same.
  • I will send images of any books purchased as packed to the buyer as proof of condition before sending (another reason for needing an email address)
  • Should you choose NOT to pay for insurance on your items, you accept all responsibility for any damage caused during the postal/shipping process

Purchasing Books

  1. How do I purchase a book, or books?
    1. Follow the procedure below:
      1. Click the book cover, or covers you want to purchase
      2. Copy the book title(s) including the $ value (paste multiple titles into notepad – or your text editor of choice) into the contact form
      3. Use the contact form below to email me which books or books you’d like to purchase
      4. I’ll send you an invoice within 24 hours for your payment. Payment to be received within 48 hours of invoice being sent

Purchasing contact form

Rare/Out of Print books

Railroad/Railway Modelling (including operations and so on)

Railroad Paper (WTT, ETT, Rule and other books)

Modelling General (mainly military)