Andrew’s Trains – a labour of love

A passion, a journey, and a goal. It’s been something I’ve been working on in various forms since I was 13 (in the mid 1970s) and I found out that layouts built on boards, running round and round, did not keep me interested for very long. I’m not a watcher – I want to operate a loco and cars and do work and switch.

I started a journey then to discover where in the world my modelling passion might take me. I discovered David Barrow’s Cat Mountain and Santa Fe in the Model Railroader in the 1980s and his ideas totally changed my modelling ideas. Now you could have switching as the primary idea behind a layout. I was hooked! (Little did I know I’d one day move to Austin, Texas, meet David and have the chance to operate on the Cat Mountain.)

Since 2003 I’ve been actively designing layouts for myself and others. Over 50 of those are presented in completed form here. Others are sketches, ideas, scribbles and thought bubbles of things that I see in my working life on the rails as a tram driver in Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve been hooked on this hobby for more than 50 years, my hope is that you’ll be ignited by my passion and get hooked too.

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Designing Small Operating layouts you can build since 2003

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