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Steve Hanson has been an Austinite since 1955 when he moved into the northern part of town with his family. In the early 1980s he moved south, near the mainline switch at Vinson. He has some great information on the Bergstrom Spur and somewhere in his collection he has slides of the spur too.

He writes:

I enjoyed the blog about the Bergstrom Spur. There was a furniture plant NORTH of Ben White, and a track overpassing that street through the 1980’s. The bridge was finally removed when TX 71 became a freeway.

I have lived near the mainline switch at Vinson since 1981, and even saw a switching lead engine on the ground, when rotten ties caused a rail to roll over.

In the 1980’s, the plastics company off Industrial Blvd. was named Nalle Plastics, then Naltex. I can still recall watching the local spotting pellet cars there.

Somewhere I have a magazine advertisement from Missouri Pacific promoting their industrial park along Burleson Road with the three trailing switch tracks. Calcasieu Lumber was the main customer on the westernmost lead.

Thanks to Steve for sharing his memories and information about the Bergstrom Spur. If you have a story or images to share please get in contact. And here’s hoping that Steve finds his slides sometime in the future to share here!

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