The Transload Building

In 2010 I bought a wide-ranging set of Walthers Modulars building kits. I’d never used them before, nor any of the similar style of building parts (like the DPM kits for example) to build a structure. Being a small layout designer and modeller I wanted a building that would fit in with my layout plans and came up with a small and believable yard office that hosts cross dock operations from rail to truck for local delivery.

There have been several stages in its life as it moved along with my skill level at using and building buildings (which I’ve never done before).

Initial Build 2010

This section of the build involved getting to grips with the building system and how the pieces fit together. I learned a lot about the planning and building of a structure using the Walthers system. My next building will be better for it. Take a look through the gallery below for more.

Secondary Build 2011

This section of the build involved fitting out the internal walls, since I wanted to build a full interior for the building, as well as light it. I learned or developed some very handy techniques that will come in handy in the future. Take a look through the gallery below for more.

Tertiary Build 2012 – 2017

Still to be uploaded

Final Fitout 2017

This section of the build involved installing the electrical piping and boxes for the outside of the building (and the corresponding internal electrical box on the interior wall). There were also the downpipes with the rainwater collectors so often used in the US to stem overflow off the mostly flat roofs.


Final exterior photos before paint

Painting and finishing

Still to come

Electrics and lighting

Still to come

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