Punch and Die Tools

The punch and die tools I’ll describe allow you to create round or hexagonal punch-outs.

You may need these punch-outs for many reasons; here are just a few ideas to start you off:

  • Making your own Nut, Bolt and Washer units instead of using castings,
  • Making holes in aircraft instrument panel overlays, or diesel instrument panels for that matter,
  • Making bullet hole punch throughs in thin styrene,
  • Making cover plates, patches, bolt heads or complete NBW sets , and
  • Not least individual rivets (in many sizes).

You can work in any soft material such as:

  • Plasticard (styrene sheet) of up to 0.015″ thou
  • Soda can aluminium (which is about 0.005″ thou
  • Brass sheet not greater than 0.005″ thou

I’ll detail the punches I use, how I use them and sources for each type of punch or their replacements.

To reach each page you can use the menu at the top of the page (under modelling articles > tools ‘n’ tips > Punch and Die tools > choose an option), or click from the links below:

A note on safety

When using any tool, but especially those that cut or punch make sure you are wearing eye protection at all times. Small parts can and will fly into your eyes if you are not careful. I’m not responsible for any damage to you or others from using the information presented here.

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