Operations overview


Model railroad operations is like the colour ‘sky blue’. It depends on where you live, and the colour of sky that you see everyday. Each person may choose their own colour of ‘sky blue’, and may not agree with another’s choice. Yet at the end of the day we all agree (hopefully) that the sky is blue.

I don’t expect you to see my perspective as more valid than any other. I present it to aid those of you, like me, who came to model railroad operations by a more circuitous route. This section of the website provides a primer of sorts. It is a living document that I’ll shape over the rest of my life as I learn and evolve my understanding. I’d be honoured should you choose to share the journey with me.

Use the links on the main menu under the Yard Office to continue your journey into Model Railroad Operations. Or you can follow the link below to the next page in the series –> 101 – Ops intro



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