Class “P” – Passenger

Passenger Equipment Cars

Adopted 1910; Revised 1936 and periodically to date of last revision; 1979.

A passenger train car is defined as a car of suitable construction, equipped to operate in passenger trains, its characteristics to include:

  1. All steel, steel underframe or equivalent construction;
  2. Passenger type air brake equipment, or of type to function with other passenger car brakes;
  3. Trucks suitable for satisfactory operation in passenger train service;
  4. Train line connections for signaling, heating, power, or other function s as required for the train assignment;

And be in accordance with definitions and designating letters fir general passenger train service as follows:

  • PB – A car constructed for passenger train service and equipped to handle baggage, express, mail merchandise or similar products.
  • PD – Car equipped for food or beverage service.
  • PA – Car equipped to handle passengers.
  • PS – Company service car, including office cars, instruction cars, display cars, etc.WHere car serves two purposes, as coach and baggage, combine symbols as “PAB”.

Source: Vol.106, No. 4, April 1991 ORER.


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