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Updates to recently published layout designs

Site update – 20 March – Updated 12 foot home layout design page

There has been a lot of thoughtful experimentation going on at Andrew’s Trains of late. While I was ‘reasonably happy’ with my Mk 72 layout design I wasn’t joyous about it. Recently while rediscovering some of my older layout designs I … Continue reading

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Site update: 02 December – More weathering photos

I’ve completed the remaining weathering of the body of the 40 foot Hi-Cube. There may be one or two more minor tweaks that I’ll make to get that just right look, overall I am very happy with this cars look. … Continue reading

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Site update: New modelling page

I’m slowly working to catalogue and curate all of my railway and modelling related images. I’m doing this in part so that I can share them all with you here; also to allow me to find the photos I need for … Continue reading

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If it’s August, it might be Robot month (August 8)

Work has kept me busy the last few weeks, and I’ve only posted a few times over the last couple of weeks due to that busyness. However, today I took the time and modelled some long overdue projects (I’m hoping to get … Continue reading

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Site seeing – July 7

A local site seeing tour today of the newest pages uploaded to the blog. Site 1: Small Layouts [Follow the link —>] This is the small layouts section of the old website that is now offline as mentioned in my … Continue reading

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New article and download available

Been a busy modelling weekend in Ballarat. I’ve added a new page to the modelling articles section about my rolling stock standards. You can find the Rolling Stock Standards page here. I wrote this after reading Dennis Storzek’s excellent article from … Continue reading

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Why I chose not to design my layout – Part 4

I did some measuring on the new track plan (version 3) today and the result is pleasing (at least to me). On the HVRR we use a XAF10 Railbox car as our standard measure for cars; These car’s measure 190 … Continue reading

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More on the new layout

Originally posted on the old DasBlog – Thursday, March 28, 2013 While I am not working on the layout of a weeknight, doesn’t mean that I am not thinking on the layout. My son Ewan (who is 8) got me … Continue reading

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