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About the modelling tools I have

Site seeing – February 13 – The Clamp it edition

Despite what you might be thinking (for those of us old enough to remember this television show) this is not about the family made rich through an accident during hunting for dinner. This post is about creative solutions shared on one of … Continue reading

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What I’m up to – the no trains but there is a tool in it tale

The part without trains in it When my son turned 10 he was desperate to get into the game Warhammer 40,000. Duly noted Dad trundled down to Melbourne and quietly bought him the starter set Dark Vengeance. For a not … Continue reading

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Site seeing: 02 October – the pigs ear from a silk purse edition

EDIT: Not sure what happened to all the text in this post, the problem was on my end obviously! Here’s take two of this post. Site 1: Athearn BlueBox Gondola Build I posted back on August 30th about the new models I bought … Continue reading

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Site seeing – July 30

It’s tool time. Over on the model railroad hobbyist forum, at the outer end of the western spiral arm, is a discussion going on about the ”Challenges of working in a small space’. Sprinkled in and among that discussion are some … Continue reading

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