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Site update – 20 February – BTM Tram #18 photos

Over November, December and early January I documented some updates to BTM Tram Number 18 as it goes through its rebuild.  The page has a lot of interesting images of the underframe, resistor grids and the motors. Of greater interest, to me at least, was the changing out of an armature. It’s not something I’ve ever seen done before so I thought I’d document it. Head over to #18’s page and view the evolving gallery there.

The armature being lifted out of the motor housing
The armature being lifted out of the motor housing

If you have any information to share please let me know and I’ll be happy to share it.



Site Update – 13 November 2016 – Ballarat Tramway #18 Page

During 2016 Ballarat Tramway museum’s number 18 has undergone some major mechanical work to keep her running. Among the works being undertaken are motor rewinds, wheel reprofiling, work on the axles to bring them back into true, work on the Brill truck, journals and bearings. All of this is normally underneath the tram and out of the public view.

During our regular Tramway Tuesday working bee members have been involved in preserving the tram, and thankfully preserving the skills involved in maintaining trams like Grandfather used to. It is only one benefit of volunteering at a working Tramway Museum.

I’ve updated the number 18 page with a gallery for the work being undertaken. I’ll add photos as I take them over our Southern Hemisphere summer as she gets put back together. These photos are a rare and interesting chance to see under the skirts of a tram. I hope that you enjoy them.

Drop me a line or post a comment on the page if you find something you like.


Site Update – 17 July 2016

I’ve been quiet the last month; too much work and not enough time to focus on more enjoyable things in life such as modelling. Additionally the weather in Ballarat has been amazingly cold and that has put the brakes on any outdoor activities including spraying and other painting tasks that I have waiting to be done.

In the meantime I’ve been working on a couple of models and updating the site; adding several new pages and a new section and a gallery. Enough of the blather and let’s move onto what’s new on site.

Update 1: New section – Weathering

BLI Trackmobile weathering
BLI Trackmobile weathering

I’ve been asked by several people to show how I weather my railway models (at my local model club, and online) and I’ll be building up the information here about how I weather using weathering powders, pastel powders, graphite and acrylic and oil paints. For now there is a gallery of some of my HO cars fleet. There are other cars (in HO and O scale) not yet complete that I’ll add over time.

Update 2: New subsections in Ballarat Trams

IMG_1674_2&3 Road_Bergonia's Monday_In the morning LightAs a volunteer conductor on the Ballarat Tramway Museum I have unprecedented access to the trams, and the infrastructure of the tramway museum. Slowly but surely I am collecting tram and infrastructure photos of the tramway. Each tram and the tramway infrastructure have their own page. While mostly empty I’ll be filling each page with images taken over the last several years. Mostly my images were taken in the last 9 months and are representative of the current state of the museum fleet, grounds and infrastructure..

As always use the links on the menu at the page top to get around.

What I’ve been up to this week

It’s the middle of the month already, and I’ve been busy. Since October 2015 I’ve been a member of the Ballarat Tramway Museum here in town. Over the last few months I’ve worked to provide help (by training I’m a Telecoms and IT guy) and doing whatever else comes up and needs doing. In December I began training to become a Tram conductor. Having finished my training I became an Assistant Conductor, but could not work alone. I needed to pass a Railway Category 3 medical to step up from Assistant conductor to full conductor. This is the same medical needed to work on any railway or tramway here in Australia; essentially the medical for everything not a driver. Today I passed that medical, which means that as of this weekend I can go out with a driver as a fully fledged tramway conductor for the museum. Hooray for me – one item struck off my bucket list. Later this year or early next year I’ll be looking to begin training to become a tram driver.

This week I’ve done other things for the museum (which has given me much enjoyment). With upcoming beautification work we needed to upgrade the original 1972 trackwork on the museum roads. So this week two and three roads (the ones closest to the right hand side (if looking at the museum) had work done to lift rails, replace sleepers, relay trackand then back fill for safety. While a lot of it was done with the help of equipment, there’s only so much that a machine can do before you need to have a body. I was gladly one of those bodies.

I was only able to help out on Tuesday and Wednesday but boy did I learn a lot about laying track. This all thanks to our blokes and the track crew from Maldon (Victorian Goldfields Railway) for their track laying ability. Here’s a visual update of what happened on our full size layout, instead of the model, this week.

April 12

April 13

One step closer to a dream – Saturday 27 February 2016

Since late last year I’ve been a member of the Ballarat Tramway Museum. I became involved for several reasons primarily because I love trams and trains obviously, and that for the first time in my working life I had an oversupply of time and an under supply of work.

This weekend I completed and passed my initial Conductor training at the museum. Right now that means I am an assistant Conductor. I still have a couple of steps including a medical to pass before becoming a fully fledged ‘Conny’. And then hopefully I’ll be up for a slot in the driver training program starting later in 2016. I just wanted to say a big thanks go out to my Conductor trainer and the museum drivers and all the volunteers who started and have kept the museum going since the 1970s.

I’m looking forward to helping out for many years to come.