ESCo Ballarat No 12

ESCo Ballarat No. 12

Built in 1892 by Benjamin Carne as saloon cable car trailer, number 18 for the New South Wales Government Tramways, it served in that role on the North Sydney line. Purchased in a lot of 12 trailers by the Electric Supply Company of Victoria Ltd in 1905 as a part of the rollout of Electric traction.  The car was rebuilt as an electric single-truck California combination car by Duncan and Fraser Ltd of Adelaide.

Withdrawn by 1935 due to the stresses of operation that it was never designed to deal with Ballarat number 12 became a home extension. During 1990 the roads department resumed the home and land during construction of the Ballarat freeway bypass (no Vogons involved).

This car is currently under reconstruction to operating condition as one of the original Ballarat electric tramcars.

Gallery: Reconstruction photos 2016