A1 Class

General arrangement drawing courtesy of the VicSIG website

Melbourne’s A1 class trams were a follow on order after the construction of the Z3 class. Commencing production in 1983 there were 28 A1 class cars built. They carry road numbers 231 – 258. All were delivered with trolley poles and were later converted to pantograph operation after the Melbourne network began the changeover to pantograph in 1987-88.

While most of the class are (as of November 2017) allocated to Southbank depot, trams 254-257 are allocated to Glenhuntly depot. Class leader 231 was withdrawn after significant fire damage in the number 1 end equipment cabinet in August 2014.

Some of the class drive very smoothly, while other members of the class suffer from harsh braking transition when they change over from regenerative to disc braking at lower speeds. 233, and 232 are among the smoothest driving of the class.

A1.232 Southbank

A1.233 Southbank

A1.234 Southbank

A1.235 Southbank

A1.236 Southbank

A1.237 Southbank

A1.238 Southbank

A1.239 Southbank

A1.240 Southbank

A1.241 Southbank

A1.242 Southbank

A1.243 Southbank

A1.244 Southbank

A1.245 Southbank

A1.246 Southbank

A1.247 Southbank

A1.248 Southbank

A1.249 Southbank

A1.250 Southbank


A1.251 Southbank

A1.252 Southbank

A1.253 Southbank

A1.254 Glenhuntly


A1.255 Glenhuntly


A1.256 Glenhuntly


A1.257 Glenhuntly


A1.258 Southbank


You can find out more about the class by clicking the following links to other sites of interest:

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