E2 Class

Manufactured by Bombardier and built in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong the E2 class trams are an extension on the original order of 50, the contract signed in November 2015. They began arriving in the Yarra Trams’ fleet from mid 2016, and at the time of writing they are still in production. They carry road numbers 6051 – 6070. The E2 class trams have incorporated changes introduced due to driver feedback with the original vehicles, making them a safer and more comfortable tram to drive and to ride in.

Image courtesy of VICSIG.net

E2 Class Tram Gallery

6051 Southbank

6052 Southbank

6053 Preston


6054 Preston


6055 Southbank

6056 Preston

6057 Southbank

6058 Preston


6059 Southbank

6060 Preston


6061 Southbank


6062 TBA (expected to be Preston)


6063 Southbank

The following allocations are a ‘guesstimate’. They assume that allocations for the remaining E2 class members will continue to alternate depots as has occurred previously. (I’ll update this page as E2 tram deliveries take place and they are issued to traffic.)

6064 TBA (expected to be Preston)


6065 TBA (expected to be Southbank)


6066 TBA (expected to be Preston)


6067 TBA (expected to be Southbank)


6068 TBA (expected to be Preston)


6069 TBA (expected to be Southbank)


6070 TBA (expected to be Preston)


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