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Claremont Concord decals in HO

Over on Chris Meer’s Prince Street blog a recent post points to a new supplier of decals for the Claremont and Concord RR (yes that is the Railway that MR did a G scale layout of some time ago).

The C&C is a great prototype for the small layout builder (especially in HO) and these decals are in HO scale and at first glance appear to be crisp and match the prototype exactly.

While there are no guarantees, and Chris points out that he has not received them at the time of this post, these look very nice and here’s hoping that the seller’s customer service and the product meet expectations.

Prince Street

A quick cruise in eBay led me to this listing:


I have no connection to the seller and I haven’t seen the decals. Regardless, I’m excited and I’ve ordered a couple of sets of these to have a look at them. I’m a fan of the Claremont-Concord Railroad (my interest lies during the LaValley ownership period) and this decal set would be perfect for use on a model of the CCRR’s #30.

While I have no connection to the seller, I did exchange a few messages with him and each has been pleasant. I’m impressed with the service so far. I’m looking forward to seeing the decals and I’m thrilled to shine a light on a product that I haven’t seen produced before.

Frankly I’m surprised, constantly, by the lack of models or even just decals, for those with an interest in any of the shortlines owned or run by Samuel…

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