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Why am I modelling the way I do?

A recent conversation with a fellow modeller has bought me back to thinking about why I’m modelling, and what my modelling should represent. Let me explain. I have a lot less modelling time now than I ever did before, due … Continue reading

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Site seeing – Op till you drop ‘Blue Flag’ edition – August 18

In this post we’ll be looking at blue flags; what they are, what they do and how to model them. What blue flags are, and what they do Blue Flags are used in the North American  railroading industry to show … Continue reading

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Site Update – the I have a bench finally edition

It has been more than 20 years since I last had a dedicated modelling room, and the spaces within which, to continuously model. It is nice to be able to leave out projects that I am working on, and not … Continue reading

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Site update: New modelling page

I’m slowly working to catalogue and curate all of my railway and modelling related images. I’m doing this in part so that I can share them all with you here; also to allow me to find the photos I need for … Continue reading

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Site seeing – Tueday 14 June 2016

As you tool around the web you come across some interesting and useful sites. I’ve found it hard to have a simple to find and use repository since the end of basic HTML coding. I’ve bookmarked and so on but … Continue reading

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Site seeing – March 24 (The night before the Easter weekend edition)

A post popped up on Facebook today that had me dreaming of Narrow Gauge ideas. Just one more model to add to the list of things I’d like to build before… well I guess as modellers you get it. Follow … Continue reading

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Site seeing – March 06 – the Lumberjack edition

They’re something that we’ve all seen, and make the models we build better for being in the background to provide a place anchor or the foreground as a load. But making them is not as simple as it seems. Today’s … Continue reading

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Site seeing – February 02 (the scrap edition)

Well the modelling illustrated in these videos is all about scrap. One of the industries I’ve considered for my new (home) layout was a small scrap dealer. On the layout extension that industry will I hope get a run. On … Continue reading

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Site seeing December 24

Among my favourite places to model are where the railroad meets other types of transport. In today’s case we’re looking at the connection between rail and road and the infrastructure that allows it to happen. Site 1: Gene’s P48 Blog – … Continue reading

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New models – Athearn Blue Box 50′ Gondola

At the recent Caulfield model railway exhibition I managed to find three Athearn 50′ Gondolas (undecorated) for $10.00 each. They came from Casula Hobbies‘ back room clear out pile. These kits may have sat there for a week or ten … Continue reading

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