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Site seeing – February 16 – The traction faction edition

Having grown up in a city with electric railways there is always that part of me as a modeller wanting to recreate what I remember as a kid. Watching the sparks pull away from the station and hearing the sounds of the motors change as they reached the limit of adhesion, especially on a wet day, can make me a very happy-chappy when I hear them. You can read more about the history of Sydney’s electric trains at the operator’s site “Sydney Trains“. Being an avid reader of technical stuff when I find really useful information about modelling overhead and trams, trains and trolleys I like to share. Thus onto todays site seeing journey.

Site 1: The East Penn Traction Club

This is not the only useful page on the site, it is however among the most giving pages on the site with a large range of downloads available on all areas of overhead modelling. A large proportion of you are US-based and for those interested directly in modelling trolley systems this is a treasure trove. For the rest of us a large range of highly useful documents on improving HO model performance, modelling tips and articles and a set of standards that certainly could be adapted to your need without major change can be downloaded.

Site 2: Rowntree Sidings in Detail

Image courtesy Blyth and District Model Railway Society


In the mood of traction action today we come to Rowntree Sidings. Based in the Tyne and Wear district in England the model features a working representation of the Tyne and Wear Metro system.

The linked page discusses in detail the design and creation of the model. Although sadly there is no track plan which would have helped understand the text quite a lot. There are lots of videos available on YouTube however that give a reasonable idea on the model.

There is also, on our favourite video site, a lot of driver’s eye view videos of the Tyne and Wear Metro that are well worth the watch. Especially if you enjoy cab rides.

I hope you get some use out of today’s sites. Leave a comment if you find them of use or have some other places of interest you’d like to share.