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Site seeing – February 11 – The load of scrap edition

Update and explanation There has been  a shortage of posts on Andrew’s Trains during February, due to a couple of factors. First and most importantly my eldest is moving to another city and beginning at University. Mum and I have … Continue reading

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Site seeing – February 03 – (the scrapped, scrap and best scrap edition)

In my previous post I discussed an industry that I am hoping to add to the layout extension when that gets built later in 2016 or early 2017. Wolfgang Dudler MMR (who passed to the great layout in the sky … Continue reading

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Site seeing – February 02 (the scrap edition)

Well the modelling illustrated in these videos is all about scrap. One of the industries I’ve considered for my new (home) layout was a small scrap dealer. On the layout extension that industry will I hope get a run. On … Continue reading

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Site seeing: 02 October – the pigs ear from a silk purse edition

EDIT: Not sure what happened to all the text in this post, the problem was on my end obviously! Here’s take two of this post. Site 1: Athearn BlueBox Gondola Build I posted back on August 30th about the new models I bought … Continue reading

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