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Site seeing – February 11 – The load of scrap edition

Update and explanation

There has been  a shortage of posts on Andrew’s Trains during February, due to a couple of factors. First and most importantly my eldest is moving to another city and beginning at University. Mum and I have put in a lot of work to get her ready for the transition during January and so far in February. This has included multiple trips back and forth looking for accommodation, signing of leases, paying rent, bond and the government related tasks that need to be done to get your adult life underway. The second reason in my output has been extreme heat events we’ve suffered in regional Victoria over the last couple of weeks. Most homes in town don’t have air conditioning. Ballarat’s climate (being nearly 1500 feet above sea level with usually low humidity) means that apart from a few days each year we don’t need it. However, when the air temperature gets over 35 degrees Celsius (this week over the 40 degree Celsius mark) there is simply nowhere to hide from the heat. February is Victoria’s hottest month and the most dangerous. Enough of all of that for now – on to the modelling.

Site 1: The Design Build Op Blog – Scrap Steel Loads

Image courtesy of designbuildop.hansmanns.org

Mike Weiss, one of the Wheeling Freight Terminal crew members has a very clever method of creating scrap steel loads for gondolas. His approach takes on industry standards, rather than the usual articles in model railroad magazines about making scrap steel loads. Often these articles don’t provide an easy way to remove the loads without a wire loop or hidden magnet. In this article Mike addresses both issues. There is a lot of great information on the blog beyond this post. Take the time to look around. Very well worth the effort.


Site seeing – June 10

I love YouTube.

It has changed the way we see a lot of our entertainment. As a modeller I now have access to the widest array of videos both current and historical that I could want. While tooling around today I found the following videos that I thought would be of interest for those modelling from the mid 1930s through to the 1960s in the UK, specifically in the quarrying industries.

Site 1: YouTube Video – Teeth of Steel

It is a great video created during the war, in colour no less, showing a lot of pit operations, including moving walking drag lines.

Site 2: YouTube video – Steel

This second video goes into detail of the British steel industry. Filmed right at the end of the war, with all the rebuilding works about to kick in it showcases the quality and craftsmanship of the British steel industry. Watch for the scenes of Ironstone railways.

I hope that you enjoyed these videos. There is a lot in there for the modeller to take note of especially with the older mechanical tools of the time period.