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Site update: new tool section – punch and die tools

On one of the forums (fora?) that I inhabit the subject of punch and die sets came up. While answering the ops question about the punch and die sets I use, I thought it was time I write more about the tools I use and so with some spare time on my hands today I wrote a new section under the tools section for these highly useful, if not often talked about, tools. More below…

The tools

There’s four new pages, one master page, and one for each tool listed below:

  1. Beading tool – for making rivets and bolt ends,
  2. Hexagonal punch and die – for making bolt heads, and
  3. Waldron’s punch and die sets (plural) – for making washers, panel overlays, cutouts, and anything else you can think to use them for.


To reach each page you can use the menu at the top of the page (modelling articles > tools ‘n’ tips > Punch and Die tools > choose an option), or click from the links below:

A note on safety

When using any tool, but especially those that cut or punch make sure you are wearing eye protection at all times. Small parts can and will fly into your eyes if you are not careful. I’m not responsible for any damage to you or others from using the information presented here.

Site seeing – July 30

It’s tool time.

Over on the model railroad hobbyist forum, at the outer end of the western spiral arm, is a discussion going on about the ”Challenges of working in a small space’. Sprinkled in and among that discussion are some of the best ideas I’ve seen for organisation yet.

I won’t say that the solutions are available in your country however, they do give great food for thought and we can all work to come up with something similar. Some of the best ones I’ve seen are so simple I wish I’d thought of them.

Site 1: Model Railroad Hobbyist Forum

In this thread I’ve seen some great tool sets and here are a couple from this thread:

If you get the chance head over to the link and take a read through. I’m looking at building that second stand. Without an inside modelling location at the moment (I normally model in the garage during late spring, summer and early autumn) I have to be mobile in my modelling approach.


Image 1: Andrew’s yellow carry bucket of tools